Building homes for people not for profit.

Who We Are

The Creative Co-op Group is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the development of small scale housing in the Sacramento area. Rather than build out huge multi million dollar apartment buildings we find small plots of land and build duplex and triplex housing. We envision a simpler, rent-to-own public housing option that makes it easier to buy in difficult competitive markets. 


The CCG is a subsidiary organization of the Canna Cooperative LLC. The LLC operates as an expense account manager meant to collect and distribute funds for the CCG. CCLLC will manage tenant lease and amenities payments via electronic transfer and will focus primarily on ease of use for tenants to make paying their monthly bill easily.


We coordinate with Community Development Investment Funds (CDIF) at the California State level to build small single family, duplex and tri-plex houses with small footprints. We imagine a future where public housing options are more than sprawling apartment complexes. 

How we keep our housing below market rates, and make them available to folks unable to compete in the public housing market.

We build homes with small square footage, and we partner with local land owners who are not interested in price gauging. With less cost for land, lower square footage, and public funding we’re able to keep these homes low cost. After completion, our homes are immediately made available to the participants of their local HUD program.  We encourage a rent-to-own option, making it easier for families to buy a house without a great credit score and a large down payment. 

Our Mission

A housing development non-profit. Building homes for people not for profit.


Well built, easy to live in a smaller space. We use construction specialists who have experience building multifamily properties. We use underwriters with Build Zoom to coordinate with builders perfectly suited to our purpose.


Minimize the impact of greed. We cap pay ratio for all parties involved to a 1:5 maximum. We find partners uninterested in price gauging to solely benefit their own purposes. We make rent-to-own easy and accessible.


Build small footprint duplex, triplex and quadplex homes using public/private partnerships in Sacramento. These homes will be made available to Housing and Urban Development program participants.