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2020 U.S. median income

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20% of net income monthly

By the Numbers

Why are we paying so much for our housing? Greed. Simple and straightforward. It has become so engrained in our society to price gauge for housing. 20% of our income for housing. That’s what we suggest. Using data from the website we find that the 2020 U.S. median household income is $67,521. If a family of four makes this much, we subtract 30% for taxes, insurance, disability and social security they would be able to afford $787 every month for their housing. 

It’s important to normalize the use of net income and not gross income. The money we take home should decide what we can afford for our home. If we don’t see that money in our bank account how are we supposed to use it to pay for housing?

Building Sacramento

Sacramento’s median household income 2016-2020 was between $65,847. The average rental cost $1,328. None of this was applied to equity as rent-to-own is not an option for most of these units. In order to allocate 20% of one’s income to rent the market rate should be $768. We strive to make it the norm that 20% of one’s net income is what’s allocated for housing.  


Starting Capital

Building including land costs of 450$/sf.

Operating Expenses

35% of revenue is saved for the maintenance of properties managed by the CCLLC.


We build into the process utility costs to make ownership a true possibility.